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It's a hard reality because most people just try to make it through day by day, and little things like this are passed by. glad to see you still posting too man.

No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!

it will be years before we see another episode. oh well, least their good lol.

oh shit man, that was well done, hope to see more!

Really liked the story and animation, and not being a dick about it, but the audio was kinda rough and a little out of sync. Rather then that nice job and hope to see more!

Pretty sure everyone who ever went to college ask their selves at one point why the fuck were they were, but its just one of those things you just carry on with. Remember man, you made it, carry that with pride bro!

April is just around the corner again......

:D awesome!

The feels man. I gotta ask, now that time has pass on and you have thought about it, do you think you could have done anything differently, and by now, do you think it has turn out for the better for you? As always, great job on the video and always hitting home!

Raziberry responds:

Regrets? I've had a few. But I don't know if I'd change too much. Going through those years the way I did made me the man I am today, and I rather like who I am!

God damn this stuff never gets old.

I'm wonderer and a learner, going place to place and learning what I can. Hoping to meet people along the way, make some friends, and just try to better myself. I know I got some ways to go with, frankly, everything, but I guess that is what trying is.

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